Juliet Namugga

The Virtual Prop - Up

For your professional & proficient VA Solutions

At the Virtual Prop-up, your business matters to me. You spend time building and upholding your brand because achieving growth and success are important to you. Does this Ring true? I know it does. Building a business takes a lot of hard work therefore, Let me Support You!! Organisation, Proficiency, Reliability and Trust are what I bring to the table. Enjoy your sleep at night knowing that some tasks are taken care of. I will help you ditch the overwhelm while you focus on what matters to grow your dream business.

Looking for Virtual Assistant Solutions?

I am here for you

I will take care of your General Virtual Assistant Solutions and allow you time to focus on crucial business tasks

Does this Sound Familiar?

Whether it is managing your calenders and emails, scheduling appointments, attending to clients, building your overall brand etc. This can be stressful, time consuming and could lead to inefficiency.

But, here is where I come in with my Organizational skills. I will create more time and space for you to focus on the crucial parts of your business instead of doing it “ALL”. With a positive synergistic collaboration, we will together enhance the growth of your business.   

"Each Client’s needs are different. I will help you figure out what the next step is on how to stream-line your day to day tasks"